2021 Upcoming Event Details

Hurricane Raft Up

September 18-19, 2021 2pm or later
Swan Creek

Hosted By Joan and Ed Criscuolo

"Hurricane Criscuolo" is fast approaching! Be on the lookout for a whirlwind of fun!

All PSA members, please mark on your calendars September 18-19, 2021 for our Annual Hurricane Raft Up at Swan Creek. Ed and I are the hosts. We will arrive at Swan Creek at 2:00 pm and anchor. Other boats can then be rafted up.

Please RSVP by September 15 with an email to Joan so I know how many cocktails to make! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Our theme for this event is a celebration of the end of the hurricane season and the start of Fall! I would love everyone to dress in Fall colors. For our appetizers for sharing, please choose some kind of food related to Fall, i.e. something with apples, pumpkin, squash, cinnamon flavored, etc. these are just ideas, you are not limited to these. Or, your appetizer could be something that has the color of Fall!

Everyone brings their own preferred beverage, but I will bring to share Vodka Cranberry Cocktails. Description of the drink and a game to be played is below. The Directions to Swan Creek are at the end of this email.

Directions to Swan Creek:
Swan Creek is the entrance to many of the marina and marine facilities in the town of Rock Hall. Located on the northern neck of the Rock Hall Peninsula, Swan Creek is easy to enter and navigate, but there are some abrupt two- and three-foot-deep spots around the creek (even within the channels) so keep a close watch on the depth sounder and follow the aids to navigation closely.

Navigating the Water:
Use NOAA Chart 12272
If you are approaching Swan Creek from the Chesapeake Bay, keep in mind that you will have to go around the Swan Point Bar, which extends about three miles south from Tavern Creek at the mouth of Swan Creek. There are a couple of spots that those with drafts of less than five feet can get through, but only with advance local knowledge. We recommend heading down to green can 3, which marks the southern end of the Swan Point Bar, and then head for flashing red buoy 4. From here, green can 6 leads you to flashing red 6 and in toward Swan Creek (keep an eye out for the lit breakwater around the Gratitude Marina). Red nuns 6A and 6? keep you clear of the shoal extending from Gratitude at its northern end. Once inside, follow the fixed aids and daybeacons, but keep in mind that green can 9A has a shallow spot extending past its location; give it a wide berth. Upstream there are four major marinas, and two have repair service available.