Upcoming Event Details

June 27 - 28 : Eagle Cove, Magothy River Raft-Up

(No Rain Date Set)

Club Member Ron Harbin is hosting and will be at anchor at around 2pm on 6/27. Anyone joining us is welcome to come sooner. We will all monitor channel 16 and chat on channel 72

Please fly your PSA burgee if you have one.

We will remain rafted up overnight as long as calm winds and no bad weather are in the forecast. We will break up the raft between 9 and 11am on Sunday. Anyone needing to leave earlier than 9am should tie up to the outside of the raft.

Covid-19 rules:
We will not share food or drinks - so please bring your own. Please bring masks in case we elect to move around on boats other than our own. We will attempt to remain on our own boats or, depending on the number of attendees, split the group in half between 2 boats keeping a 6' distance, of course with everyone's permission. If you invite guests to this please make sure they are comfortable and respectful with these Covid-19 rules.

Magothy River, Eagle Cove. See attached charts. Enter the mouth of the Magothy (just north of the Bay Bridge) and keep turning to starboard until you reach Eagle Cove. Navigating around the Nav Aids at the north end of the island is very easy. I'll anchor in 7 to 8' of water.

My wish is for many of you to use this as a reason to get out on the water. I hope to see you there. If you have any questions or suggestions or requests, please feel free to call me at 717-982-8121.

Ron Harbin