Upcoming Event Details

Dun Cove Race

This year's Dun Cove Race is being held on Saturday June 9th. There is no cost to enter! Tom O'Farrell (Triton "Triton's Fury") is our point of contact. Race entry deadline is Friday June 10th. 

This fun event is a casual, non-sanctioned pursuit race, and is an ideal way to race your boat without getting so serious about it that it ceases to be fun!  In a pursuit race, all the boats have their handicap applied at the beginning of the race, resulting in staggered start times that avoid the "pile up" at the start of a regular race.  And the finishing order IS the winning order, so its easier to see how you're doing against the others.

Even if you don't want to race, you're most welcome to join us afterwards in Dun Cove for the post-race raftup & party.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are available here on the website. 

Contact Tom O'Farrell for details and registration.