Hosting A Rendezvous: There's nothing to it...

You can be as creative or non-creative as you like in planning a rendezvous. We usually hold them on weekends with participants rafting up Saturday afternoon at the designated spot. Some members may elect to anchor out and dinghy over for the party on the host boat. Everyone brings food and beverages to share in what traditionally is a happy hour format that can extend to a communal pot-luck dinner. If the weather and the anchor of the host boat cooperate, the party generally stays rafted up for the night. But if the weather is threatening, it's best to breakup the raft so that boats can anchor more securely on their own.

Although we’ve traditionally held rendezvous in a quiet anchorage, hosting one at an area marina or port can also be fun.

Hosts select the location and are on station by about 1500 - 1600 hours ready to receive others along side. Hosts and participants should monitor VHF Channel 16 and use a designated working channel to assist attendees in finding the site if need be.

Anyone planning to attend should RSVP to the designated host, whose phone number or e-mail address you will find in the official announcement posted on the web page under "Upcoming Rendezvous". This is especially important so that the host can contact you in case of bad weather or another change.